Finest Speaker Stands and Racks for all kind of Loudspeakers


!!! We place your tweeter guaranteed in ear height !!!

HEIGHTS: from 10-150cm possible 

+++ worldwide shipping is possible on request +++

+++ DISCOUNT TIME...only in AUGUST 5% for ALL +++

Liedtke-Metalldesign is a small manufacturer of highend speaker stands & racks. Our exclusive designs in combination with steel and stainless steel are ready to fix all kind of  speakers from small to big and from heavy to light: We fix them all. Another area of expertise is the custom made of speakerstands in those dimensions and measures the consumer needs. We sell our product line only by direct marketing. We have for all kind of loudspeaker & center speaker the convenient speaker stand and if not we create it for place the tweeter in ear height.

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Dirk Liedtke



Here are some of our reference companies:

 Audio Reference, Manger Audio, Adam Audio, Genelec, ME-Geithain, Wiener Lautsprecher Manufaktur, WLM, KII Audio, Clockwork Audio, Audio Physic, YG Acoustics, Myro, Seta Audio, Voxativ, Weidlich Audio, Merovinger Audio Systeme...


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