speaker stand OCTAVE I

559.00 / pair(s)

Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

Delivery weight: 35 kg

  • speaker stand OCTAVE-I
  • pleasant and harmonic design
  • extrem heavy speaker stand
  • 7 different heights
  • 6 different topplates to choose (RC3, Bora....)
  • dimensions baseplate: 320x350x8mm
  • tubediameter 114mm
  • weight: round. 17 kg per stand (unfilled)
  • included finest stainless steel spikes
  • complete black matt or with stainless steel tubes
  • !!!tip!!! don´t forget the stainless steel floorprotectors
  • delivertime round 3 weeks
  • pair prices controlled by height



Additional product information

colour black matt / tubes stainless steel grinded
dimensions top plates RC3
stand height BS-100 (100cm)

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