Moin, Moin thats me

My name is Dirk Liedtke and I´m the owner of Liedtke-Metalldesign,


I was born 1969 in Neumünster (Germany)                                                                  

I´m still happily married and have two nice children

In the year 2004  I established the company Liedtke-Metalldesign

In the first seven years my head office was in Pinnerberg but in the meantime we moved in a bigger, better and greater poduction hall near Hamburg (Germany).

Ever since 16 years we created speaker stands  & hifi- racks for customers who appreciate to bring sound and design in line. High quality and flexiblity are our intensity.

The concept was easy: I want to create speaker stands and racks which i would use on my own and whichever fulfill my own requirements to place it in my living room.

By now Liedtke-Metalldesign speaker stands are shown on the big hifi shows world wide and a lot of speaker manufacturer advise and use our stands.

Speaker stands are thick on the ground, but to stand against big labels and great publcity campiagns there is only one way to survive:

"You must be better and you have to convince your consumer"

!!!!! There is no better promotion than a honest recommendation !!!!!!

Our references and business partners are companies like Manger Audio, Adam Audio, Wiener Lautsprecher Manufaktur, ME- Geithain, Genelec, KII Audio, Clockwork Audio, Audio Physic, Audio-Reference, YG Acoustics, Myro, Seta Audio....